Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Maqsim Cleaning Services offers various carpet cleaning methods depending on your needs. We clean all kinds of carpets and area rugs. Our carpet cleaning services are offered for Residential and Commercial clients. High traffic areas require a different cleaning process and solution than an oriental rug.

Maqsim Furniture Cleaning and Protection only uses high quality carpet cleaning products that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic and safe for you, your children and pets.
Daily or regular vacuum cleaning of your carpet will maintain the look and life of your carpet. Vacuuming will suck up the dust and dirt that get between carpet fibers. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your carpet cleaned by a professional. Professional carpet cleaning can be done by steam cleaning or dry cleaning and will also remove carpet stains, mildew, allergens and pet odor.

The longer a stain remains in the carpet, the higher the chance of permanent color change. If you immediately blot the stain, it will help reduce the chances of permanent color change. Stain removal products can be combined with anti-allergen treatments to kill dust mites.

Dry carpet cleaning: machines use a very low moisture system relying on dry compounds complemented by our deep soil cleaning solutions. Maqsim recommends dry carpet cleaning for high-traffic areas such as restaurants because their very fast drying time is a significant factor for commercial installations. Dry-cleaning and very low moisture systems are also often faster and less labor-intensive than wet extraction systems or steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning: is recommended for synthetic, woolen, or manmade carpet fibers. A pressurized manual or automatic cleaning tool (such as a wand) passes over the surface several times to thoroughly rinse out all pre-conditioner, residue, and particulates. Rather than soaps, the steam-cleaning system uses detergent-based solutions that dry to a powder or crystal. Steam cleaning can take between 4-12 hours to completely dr

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