Furniture Cleaning and Protection

Maqsim Furniture Cleaning and Protection only uses high quality cleaning products that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic and safe for you, your children and pets.

ham2Our team of cleaning professionals go through an extensive and ongoing training process for various cleaning products, procedures and equipment based on your cleaning requirements.

Proper cleaning, care and maintenance of your furniture, will extend the life and usage for years to come. We are specialists in delicate fabrics and we will use the appropriate products that are gentle and not harmful to maintain the look and color of your fabric.

image6How to protect your furniture fabric: The best form of fabric protection is immediate attention to spills or stains. This will help with maintenance and care by keeping spills from being absorbed into the upholstery fibers. Gently blot any spills immediately with a clean towel. Usually the fabric is pretreated with soil and or water repellants in the factory where it was made. It is always recommended to use additional fabric protectors such as Scotchguard once you bring your new upholstered furniture home. Always clean up any spills or stains in a timely manner, and follow manufacturers’ instructions for proper care methods.

By regularly turning over your cushions and moving them around, will give an even wear and tear to your furniture. Also fluffing up your cushions after you’ve cleaned them will help keep their shape. You should vaccuum your upholstered furniture weekly for general cleaning and to remove surface soil. This also prevents dirt from becoming embedded into the fibers.

It is best to have a professional from “Maqsim Pro” clean your upholstered furniture every year. Regular cleaning will maximize the usage of your furniture and prevent dirt and stains from being absorbed into the fabric making easier to clean and maintain.

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