Leather has been in use for several centuries, and its durability, versatility, and attractiveness means it is still in demand till today for clothing, accessories, upholstery, and furniture.

Every year, about 500,000 tons of leather is produced, the equivalent of 1.5 billion square meters. However, there are also lots of imitators as modern production methods have made it possible to create synthetic lookalikes. Some persons purchase these lookalikes, but in all honesty, they are nothing close to the real deal so we will be telling you why you should stick with real leather by listing out the advantages real leather has over its substitutes.


Real leather is extremely durable, and one reason for this is that its fibers are so finely intertwined that one gram contains as much as 300 square meters of the interior surface. Real leather is also resistant to tearing, stretching and bending. It can also withstand extreme temperatures.


The durability of leather does not come from it being rock hard. In fact, one of the properties of real leather is its flexibility especially with wear without it losing its shape and strength.


Leather can be made into a variety of different types, from suede and nubuck to butter soft aniline to the pigmented and hardened varieties. You can also flatten it, emboss it or carve motifs into it.


Synthetic leather just can’t compete with leathers ability to absorb moisture and expel it as vapor. This is a wonderful advantage, especially during the summer months. Our furniture will absorb more heat, and it happens that they were made from synthetic materials, this heat gets trapped in them.


Real leather is made from natural materials, unlike synthetic fibers which are chemically manufactured and although some chemicals are used to treat real leather, this is a lot less than the industry quantities used in synthetic manufacture which results in air pollution. Also the real leather is bio-degradable, unlike synthetic leather.



Leather is a timeless fabric which never goes out of fashion, and although styles may change, leather will always be seen as a mark of quality especially in furniture design.

  1. COST

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of synthetic leather is that it’s cheaper. Well, this can’t be argued but if you are considering the value of the item holistically, especially as regards how long it lasts you will find you will get a lot more value for money when you invest in real leather as against their synthetic alternatives.

  1. STYLE

The practical applications of leather are only matched by its beauty and whatever color or style of leather it is; it will always exude quality. If you want to see an example of this, place an original leather sofa beside a synthetic leather sofa and see the difference.


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